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The SDS SharePoint Library is a FREE collection of reusable tools and solutions from Our team builds custom SharePoint solutions, fast.


Access Checker 2010

Tired of checking user permissions one item at a time? Browse to the Access Checker, select a user (claims aware!), pick a role (view, contribute, full control), and receive a treeview of SharePoint content, color coded for the user's access. Green means the user has access, red means no access.
This was previously available for SharePoint Services v3 / SharePoint Server 2007 at We have updated the solution to support SharePoint 2010.

File Upload Web Part

SharePoint extranets / portals are a great way to provide B2B collaboration with partners, customers, or vendors. Some documents should only be submitted, and need to be secure. Use the File Upload Web Part for users to submit (and only submit) documents. Users do not know where the documents will end up (site owners specify a list of destinations), nor do they need access to the destination. Dynamic filename building supports timestamps, usernames, and more. Full auditing data (creator username and timestamp) is maintained.

Replace Document

Upload a document's replacement without needing to match filenames. Ensure that the new document is the same document type (file extension). Easy to include in SharePoint Designer workflows with just a link to your users.

SharePoint Designer Custom Conditions

Extend the list of conditions in SharePoint Designer with the following:
  • Approval Status - SharePoint includes a custom action to SET the approval status; this solution includes a custom condition to CHECK the approval status. Useful to avoid rerunning an approval workflow!

Active Directory Password Change

Have remote users? Tired of logging into Outlook Web Access for password changes? This web part allows users to change their passwords.

Health Analyzers for Delegation

Complete configuration of Kerberos authentication is a pain. The whitepaper is almost 8mb, and approx 100 pages long. (available

Instead, let our analyzers identify configuration problems and provide recommendations, to get delegation working in your SharePoint 2010 environment!

SharePoint List BDC/BCS Custom Connector

SharePoint 2010 now includes the BDC/BCS in every edition, and includes built-in support for SQL and Web Services. This custom connector adds support for SharePoint Lists! Use this to relate data across site collections, web applications, or even entire farms! Use the model generator to build a BDC model file by simply clicking the fields of interest. Includes support for searching/filtering, as well as the ID Enumerator to support the SharePoint search crawler. Include a custom action so users can navigate to the original data.
  • NOTE: This is a PRE-ALPHA release... some data types (specifically 'people picker') do not work correctly. Files generated by the model file generator should be reviewed, and may need to be modified.

PowerShell Update Headers for MS Word documents

The PowerShell script will update the headers for all MS Word documents in a specified document library by copying the header from a document template.

PowerShell Fix MS Word Broken Links

The PowerShell script will fix broken hyperlinks for MS Word documents in SharePoint a document library. If you have MS Word documents that have links to other Word documents in a file share this script will fix the hyperlinks after migrating them to SharePoint.

Coming Soon

SharePoint Designer Custom Actions

Extend the list of actions in SharePoint Designer with the following:
  • Restart Workflow - Short and simple, this custom action restarts your workflow.

Xml SiteMap

Need to ensure a consistent top-navigation menu across an organization? Tired of maintaining navigation for each site collection in your organization? This sitemap provider is easy to install (just activate a feature at the WebApp level to force on the entire web application, or activate at the site collection level for an "opt-in" approach), and ensures a consistent menu regardless of where you are. Automatically include subsites and/or site collections, and ALWAYS security trimmed. Include your own custom links (company website, Search Center) as well.

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