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Replace Document

Deploying the solution

Download the SharePoint solution file (.wsp).
Use PowerShell or STSADM to install the solution into the farm.
Use PowerShell, STSADM, or Central Administration to deploy the solution.

The solution has TWO features, which can be used in whatever combination you like...

NOTE: this feature does NOT support replacing documents in the solution gallery; the page will say as much, and will not allow you to try.

Globally Deployed: Replace Document application page
http://spserver/sites/somesite/_Layouts/SDS/ReplaceDocument/Replace.aspx is automatically and globally deployed. This URL can be used by a workflow, in an InfoPath form, or any other way you'd like.

Site Feature: Replace Document
This feature will add custom action ("Replace Document") to document based list items. This applies to all documents in all document libraries.

Building the solution

The solution is a Visual Studio 2010 solution with a single SharePoint project using C#.
You will need Visual Studio 2010 installed. To use SharePoint project templates, Visual Studio requires that SharePoint be installed locally. SharePoint 2010 can be installed on Windows 7 (though I personally don't recommend it), or on Windows Server 2003 or above.
Upon opening the solution, configure the URL for deployment by opening the Properties window (tab) for the Project, and adjusting the Site URL. This address is used any time you use the Deploy command.

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